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Custom Orders

We are temporarily not taking any orders.
Thank you for your interest!

We welcome the challenge to custom make you “your own” soap. When you order a custom Fish Hill Soap, you get to choose the fragrance (if any) and color scheme (within limits) and we use our “secret” soap recipe. Our custom soap orders come in an 18-bar or 12-bar batch with soap bars weighing around 5oz. Please be aware, the soap will not be shipped for 3-4 weeks after the order has been poured, as the soap must cure and harden from the outside, in, before it is able to stand up to usage without turning to mush, and we definitely do not want that! All custom orders are pre-paid before the creation is made. We will try our very best to make you happy!

If you are wanting a custom order for a wedding favor or special occasion favor, please contact me with such details and I will gladly work out what you want, as sizes, scent, color, etc. of the favor can be customized to fit “your look”.

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