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FHSW Goats

Senior Does

SGCH Alpine-Valleys FinishSGCH Alpine-Valleys Finish 1*M (EEEE92)
SGCH Heavenly Dairy Kassie 1*M (EEEE92)
SGCH Alpine-Valleys In My Heart 1*M (VVVE89) [REFERENCE ONLY]
Missy 2013 MDGS Annual ShowGCH Sherpani OST Miss Confection 7*M (VEEE91) [REFERENCE ONLY]
SG Sherpani Tacori Intrigue 2*M (VEEE90) [REFERENCE ONLY]
Firefly Yearling rear udder viewSherpani Infinity Firefly 2*M
Simply FiestaSherpani Jester Fiesta
Sherpani OST Fanfare
Sherpani PVGA Flashpoint (AI)
Sherpani OST Miss Dior
Autumn-Acres Valhallas Vantage

Junior Does

Lucky*Star's TD Jamies Jag
Sherpani Revolution Kandice (AI)
Sherpani Fusion Mapleque
Sherpani Kublai Khan Fiori (AI)
Mint*Leaf Lake Effect (AI)
Sherpani AAM Victoria's Secret (AI)


Simply Tacori*B Olentangy Synergy Tacori (VEE90)
Jester as a wee kid in Cali*B Redwood Hills X-Rated Jester (VVV86) [REFERENCE ONLY]
*B Sherpani Shandi 24-Karat (AI)
*B Sherpani Fruit Loops Fusion (AI) [REFERENCE ONLY]

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