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Home > FHSW Goats > Bucks Does > *B Olentangy Synergy Tacori (VEE90) [REFERENCE ONLY]

FHSW Goat: *B Olentangy Synergy Tacori (VEE90) [REFERENCE ONLY]

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Name:*B Olentangy Synergy Tacori (VEE90) [REFERENCE ONLY]
Birth Date:4/14/2010
 SS:*B Tempo Aquila Fortune Tribute
Sire:*B Redwood Hills Tribute Synergy
 SD:SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastienne 11*
 DS:++*B Redwood Hills Journey Fortune
Dam:SGCH Olentangy Fortune Tsavolite 1*
 DD:CH Olentangy Fiery Topaz
Linear Appraisal:VEE90
USDA Sire Summary:DAV 87

Simply Tacori
Simply Tacori
T being T, before his shave this summer. Aged 5 yo

After his shave
After his shave
T after his shave on a hot summer eve! He IS a big boy, but the angle makes him a bit deceptive.

Late summer 2016
Late summer 2016
Tacori aged 6 yo, still looking great!!

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