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Home > FHSW Goats > Senior Does > Autumn-Acres Valhallas Vantage

FHSW Goat: Autumn-Acres Valhallas Vantage

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Name:Autumn-Acres Valhallas Vantage
Birth Date:3/7/2009
 SS:++B Dragon Taipei's Toronto
Sire:++B Kastdemur's Up & Atom
 SD:GCH Kastdemur's Make7upyours 3*M
 DS:++*B Kastdemur's Spartan
Dam:Autumn-Acres Vizzions Valhalla
 DD:CH Rockin-CB QMZ Vizzion
Description:Yes, a Lamancha in my Alpine herd.

This old gal is a marvel to behold! Super big in stature and super level topline. Her rump is super wide and she excels in dairy strength standing on good feet and legs.

Vantage will be DNA typed in 2018
Fall Breeding Plan:*V was been confirmed bred to Huricane-PM HSW Decadent for early April, 2019 kids but lost the pregnancy early.

Past info:
Vee is confirmed AI bred to Autumn-Acres Medaillon. She is due 3/11/18

No kids are available
2018: V kidded with a buck and a doe

*Vantage will be confirmed bred via BioTracking

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