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Home > FHSW Goats > Senior Does > SGCH Heavenly Dairy Kassie 1*M (EEEE92)

FHSW Goat: SGCH Heavenly Dairy Kassie 1*M (EEEE92)

Name:SGCH Heavenly Dairy Kassie 1*M (EEEE92)
Birth Date:4/28/2009
 SS:+*B Pearl Valley Romulus Anakin
Sire:*B Pearl Valley Anakin Magnum PI
 SD:SGCH Pearl Valley HI-FI's Mandolay 6*
 DS:*B Alpine-Valleys PVM Morocco
Dam:SG Heavenly Dairy Kendra
 DD:Alpine-Valleys AVI Kelly
PTI:2:1 128 1:2 217
Linear Appraisal:05-03 92EEEE
DHIR:6-00 267days 2890# fat: 3.4% 98# Prot: 287% 82#
Show Record:2011 ADGA Nat'ls: 1st place/1st udder 2 year old
2014 ADGA Nat'ls: 8th place 5 year old
2016 ADGA Nat'ls: 1st place/1st udder 7+yo (aged does)

*Kassie is micro-chipped and DNA Typed
Fall Breeding Plan:Kassie is *confirmed AI bred to *B Hoach's Revolution for later Feb kids (2/24)

Kids are by private treaty, no reservations are being taken on Kassie's kids

*Kassie will be confirmed via BioTracking

2014 Hoosier Classic

Kassie, rear view
Kassie, rear view
2016 ADGA Natl's in Harrisburg, PA 1st/ 1st Udder aged doe

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