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Home > FHSW Goats > Senior Does > SGCH Alpine-Valleys In My Heart 1*M (VVVE89) [REFERENCE ONLY]

FHSW Goat: SGCH Alpine-Valleys In My Heart 1*M (VVVE89) [REFERENCE ONLY]

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Name:SGCH Alpine-Valleys In My Heart 1*M (VVVE89) [REFERENCE ONLY]
Birth Date:4/22/2008
 SS:*B Maplekey SRR Rose's Sandman
Sire:*B Alpine-Valleys Midnight Maze
 SD:SGCH Alpine-Valleys WZN Midnight 13*
 DS:*B CH Pearl Valley Sequence Salvo
Dam:CH Alpine-Valleys PVSS Izzy
 DD:SGCH Alpine-Valleys HH Ida 4*
PTI:82 111
DHIR:326 days 4010#s/Butterfat: 155/ Prot: 107 (as a FF 2 yo)
Show Record: She received her dry leg as a yearling. Joni achieved her CH status as a first freshening 2 year old in her first 2 shows that year.
Fall Breeding Plan:Joni has fully earned a peaceful retirement as a strong maternal foundation to my Alpine herd.

**Sadly, Joni passed away in the summer of 2016. She has left her mark on my herd in experience and her legacy thru her daughter, Intrigue.

Unclipped udder of Joni at 378 days fresh. Still a power house in production. She passes this capacity and duration on to her daughters.

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