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Sherpani Alpine Dairy Goats and Fish Hill Farm

We are temporarily not taking any orders.
Thank you for your interest!

Thank you for your interest in the Sherpani Alpine dairy herd. I started (and stayed) with American Alpines in 2007 after my efforts with Nubians did not pan out (not surprising, huh?!). With the kind help of (the late) Lloyd and Nora Allen of Alpine Valley Dairy Goats in Stockbridge, Michigan, I started an adventure that was going to be far more trying and rewarding than I ever thought! I strive to breed confirmationally correct, milk producing does and bucks that pass on the best genetic attributes from their parents. As any serious experienced breeder of dairy goats knows, no buck or doe is guaranteed to pass on the “best” attributes of itself or its past generations or to improve the next generation, but that is precisely what we, as serious breeders, try to do. I line breed my does on the Alpine-Valley foundation does and bucks, particularly SGCH Alpine-Valleys HH Ida and her sire, Hoach’s Heiress Halston. As well, my sire-lines fall in and around the Pearl Valley lines (from Colorado), particularly *B GH Pearl Valley Golden Ace (FS 92EEE) and his bloodlines, as well as the Redwood Hills bloodlines (from California) and the Olentangy Herd from Washington state. I try to implement artificial insemination to bring back the older bloodlines found in the above mentioned foundations and have found many good bucks from the distant past to compliment today’s newer genetics.

A note about ordering a kid from Sherpani Alpines:

A majority of my kid crop is generally offered for sale, as I cannot keep every kid born on the farm. **But please note this: I reserve the right to decide not to offer any kid born if I decide to retain her/him for my own herd. I accept deposits of $100 per kid ordered and the deposit is non refundable if you cancel the order. If the kid is offered for sale, the first deposit received assures first choice on that kid. If the kid is not born or I decide to not offer it for sale, you may transfer the deposit to another kid or have it refunded. I ship my kids at a minimum of 4 weeks old and an absolute maximum age of 8 weeks, but will allow pick up of kids as early as 48 hours old and older. Kids reserved that stay longer than 2 weeks old, a slight boarding fee will be applied to their daily keeping.
The price quoted for a Sherpani kid includes transport to Gerald R Ford International Airport (GRR). This quoted price does not include the required health certificate (~$45), shipping crate (~$60-$75+, size dependent), and the cost of the flight ticket. The longer the kid is here, the heavier it grows and the larger the crate will need to be for it to travel safely. Shipping goes by weight of crate, not necessarily dimentions of the crate. I usually ship my kids through Delta Airlines, as I have had a good relationship with them.

All kids are raised by hand with the strictest CAE prevention measures: pasteurized colostrum and pasteurized milk until the kid is weaned (usually 4 month or 40#, whichever comes LAST). No kid on my farm is dam raised, as I feel the bond the kids make with people is essential to their development as a well handled adult animal. Plus, the kids learn early what good kid manners are and what behaviors are desirable/acceptable and those that are not. My kids get a BO-SE shot at birth and are vaccinated at 3-4 weeks old to start their CD/T vaccination schedule. Once the kid reaches ~50#, they are copper bolused with 2 gm of copper.

I will gladly send pictures to prospective buyers of their kid and its dam for their approval before we finalize purchase and secure a flight.

If you purchase a Sherpani buck kid from us, I ask you to refrain from marketing his semen until you have evaluated several of his daughters in milk. On any buck kid I sell I reserve the option to purchase 20 units of semen for the cost of collection.

Thank you for your interest in Sherpani Alpine dairy goats and Fish Hill Farm. Please feel free to look through my herd information and browse the goat milk contributors of Fish Hill Soap Works.

Finish's Best in Show Award 2015
Whitley County, IN ADGA Show June 2015.

2016 ADGA Nationals, Harrisburg, PA
2016 ADGA Nationals, Harrisburg, PA
Getting a little love in the Big Ring

Sherpani Alpines has been a member of the ADGA PLUS program since the program began. We've participated in continuous DHI testing since 2103 and participate in Linear Appraisal every year or every other year at the most. We feel the data accumulated on each animal from these programs has helped us shape our herd into the productive, showable, long lasting source of great genetics we strive for.

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