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Our Ingredients

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We start out making our handcrafted goat milk soap with the highest quality fats and oils available. Without fats and/or oils, there would be no soap. So here’s a quick rundown of our soap components in our tried, tested and trusted goat milk recipe. Each bar of soap is labeled with same ingredients it contains because we have found and configured our special recipe to fit our liking and the liking of our customers and their needs.

*Our coconut oil is pure without added anything. Coconut oil is in our cold process soap to add a great lather, added moisturizers and one of the components to make our bar hard and last a good long time (soap must be kept high-n-dry for this!!).

*We then add palm oil. What for? More lather!!!! It has wonderful moisturizing properties and also contributes to a hard bar of soap.

*Olive oil is next up for added moisturizers and adding to the hardness of the soap.

*Sunflower oil is added to our cold process soap to lend its amazing moisturizing properties. The Native Americans treasured sunflower oil and the pioneers traded with Natives for their sunflower oil to add to their soap!

*Castor oil (from the castor bean) is added to our soap to enhance its wonderfully luxurious lather. It is amazing what just a touch of castor oil can do to a bar of goat milk soap when added to the oils mix.

*Goat milk. Only the milk from our own Alpine dairy goats is used. Only the cleanest, purest goat milk is brought into the soap shoppe from the barn to be added. It is filtered and then frozen immediately. Why frozen milk? When the lye granules are added to the milk (or ANY liquid) there is a chemical reaction that creates tremendous heat very quickly. Using frozen milk allows the reaction to be controlled so it does not scorch the milk and ruin the solution.

*Lye (sodium hydroxide). I can’t make soap without lye, no lie! Lye is the ingredient used to create the saponification (a chemical reaction) of the oils/fats and the goat milk. Thru the process of saponification and curing, there is no lye left in the bar, as it is totally transformed during the making of soap.

*Colorants are used to create the vivid WOW factor our soaps are getting known for. We use the highest quality FDA approved cosmetic grade micas and glitters. Oxides and pigments are used to get the deep colors and are super filtered to remove impurities and harmful crud. Oxides and pigments used in our soaps are FDA approved for skin care products as well.

*Fragrance: We use only top shelf FDA Approved fragrance oils because those are the ones that stick from the start of your bar to the last lil sliver. Premium, 100% natural, essential oils are used to give the truest and longest lasting scent in our soap. Essential oils are collected from a natural state and some are very costly. In the case of this severe cost, fragrance oils can be created to mimic the natural scent. Although this simulation is man-made, it still has strict guidelines to match the real thing. If you have sensitive skin or a skin condition, you may want to go with our Essential Oil soaps or go bare-bones with our No Nothing soap. No nothing has no additives, may they be fragrance or colorants, just simple goat milk soap.

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