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Why Our Goat Milk Soap

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Goat milk, as an additive for making our wonderful lathering, silky feeling and amazingly moisturizing soap, is one of the better emollients a soap maker could add to their creations.

You may be asking yourself, “why goat’s milk?” Or, “Why would I purchase this soap from a small producer anyway? Isn’t my commercially-made bar of cleansing soap adequate?” Allow me to share four major reasons you need to keep in mind regarding handcrafted, small-batch goat milk soap from Fish Hill Soap Works.

First, bars of soap from the grocery store appear so pure and clean. However, most big-brand soaps consist of nasty chemicals that may aggravate your skin, alcohol that dries out your skin, and often petroleum based products and solutions, which are just troubling by blocking your pores and reeking havoc on your delicate skin. Fish Hill’s handcrafted goat milk soap is produced with all-natural oils and mild ingredients which do not leave the skin scratchy, dried out, inflamed, tacky or sticky feeling.

Second, Fish Hill’s handcrafted goat milk soap includes naturally derived oils (coconut, olive, castor bean and sunflower) and through the process of making the soap, naturally derived glycerin. All soap is produced by incorporating a fat (plant-based oils in our case) with an alkali. Throughout the saponification process, fat becomes soap and glycerin. In industrial soap, the glycerin is taken away with the addition of sodium chloride to produce the soap and glycerin independently. The glycerin will then be utilized in other, far more lucrative items, which includes cosmetics, drugs, making inks and the creation of volatile nitroglycerin (scary, huh???). However, in handcrafted goat milk soap, the glycerin stays in the soap, supplying deeply, and much needed, moisturizing rewards.

Third, all milk (animal or plant) consists of all-natural emollients, nutritional vitamins and triglycerides that hydrate your skin. Goat’s milk has the respected, extremely powerful moisturizer capric-capryllic triglyceride. Those who favor goat milk soap, will agree, it’s an excellent, much less drying, body cleanser with no unpleasant after effects, like commercial soaps. When you have delicate skin or eczema, goat milk soap can be a blessing.

Fourth, the very best goat milk soaps are produced from fresh, not powder, goat milk, and that is what Fish Hill uses, the freshest milk available- fresh from our own dairy goats. And in addition, we utilize the very best ingredients in making our wonderful goat’s milk soap, may they be top-shelf fragrance oils or premium essential oils. All in all, we feel our Alpine goats give the best milk to make the best handcrafted soaps!!!

How long will a bar last? Well, that depends on many variables. It depends on how many bodies are being scrubbed by the bar (1 persons’ use vs 3,4, or more people using it), how dry the bar is kept when not in use, and if the bar is used to wash the same body multiple times during the same wash.

So, if many people in the same family use the same bar, it isn’t going to last all that long and you will need to contact me for more. If the bar is kept “high and dry”, it will last much longer than if it stays wet and absorbs all the water it wants and thus, turns to mush quickly. If you are so in love with the scent of a particular bar, you are likely going to wash yourself with it more than once in the shower/bath (that’d me be, I’m guilty of that cuz I LOVE the scents and how they make me feel, depending on my mood!!!).

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